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Aerospray TBWescor - Elitech Group

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Aerospray provides many advantages over hand staining or automated dip type stainers, including speed, economy, consistent performance, and no cross-contamination.

The ELITechAerospray stains microscope slides smeared with materials containing acid-fast micro-organisms such as culture materials, body fluids, or exudates. ELITech reagents are tailored to give superb results in the Aerospray stainer. The Aerospray stainer provides a choice of staining cycles ranging from 1 to 6, allowing you to compensate for thick specimens, or other possible variables.

Reagents are applied from atomizing spray nozzles onto microscope slides containing the specimens. Staining is rapid and precise. Specimens contact only fresh stain, avoiding specimen crosscontamination or contact with contaminated reagents.

Specimens are heat fixed according to traditional procedures prior to staining in the Aerospray.

At the beginning of the staining cycle, the slides are sprayed with the primary stain (carbol fuchsin or fluorochrome) that penetrates and stains the specimens. Excess stain is then spun off and washed away with deionized water to prevent precipitate formation.

Acid alcohol decolorizer is then applied to remove the primary stain from the non acid-fast bacteria and surrounding debris. The decolorization is stopped with a water wash and a short spin.

The counterstain is then applied to stain the non-acid-fast organisms. Excess counterstain is then removed with a water wash and a short spin.

The slides are spun at about 950 RPM for 45 seconds. This draws air through the stainer and dries the slides. Slides emerge from the stainer dry and ready for the microscope.
With its rapid staining cycle and high throughput capability, the Aerospray stainer is a convenient, cost effective way to stain mycobacteria.

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