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Autoclav vertical Amsco Lab 110 si Lab 250Steris

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The Amsco Lab 110 and Lab 250 sterilizers were designed with the needs and the budget of the laboratory research market in mind.
• Sterilizer is designed to process loads at temperatures ranging from 110C to 141C. Gravity or liquid cycle can be selected by the user. Parameters are user programmable. Optional pre-vacuum cycles are available
• Productivity – Twenty preprogrammed cycles help process various load types in a single sterilizer. Fully jacketed pressure vessel reduces processing time.
• Easy to Maintain – Systems features easy access to piping and control components allowing utility connections and most routine maintenance to be done from the front of the sterilizer.
• Ease of Use - Reliable Allen Bradley MicroLogix™ 1200 PLC control system provides continuous cycle monitoring, control and service diagnostics via a PanelView™ 600 TFT touch screen color display with 128MB compact flash card and ink-on-paper (non-fading) full printouts.
• Flexibility – Systems are designed with removable rack system and full range of loading, transfer and other auxiliary equipment.
• Reliability – Sturdy construction ensures that each system will meet the demanding standards of lab operations. The chamber material is AISI 316L stainless steel with maximum carbon content of less than 0.03% to reduce corrosion and extend chamber life.

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