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Domenii Laborator Bai cu ultrasunete

Bai cu ultrasunete Bandelin - dezinfectare instrumenteBandelin

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Which instruments can be treated with ultrasound?
- General Purpose Instruments operating scissors, needle holders, tweezers, forceps, trocars, scalpels
- Micro-Surgical Instruments in neurosurgery and ophthalmology
- MIS Instruments detachable instruments, micro clamps etc
- Endoscopic Accessories biopsy forceps, nooses, valves ECG and EEG-Electrodes Small Parts

Advantages of ultrasonic cleaning
- Fast instrument circulation
- Disinfection time is reduced to 5 minutes
- Gentle intensive cleaning
- Instruments are getting in touch with the disinfection solution only for a short time - no risk of corrosion
- Economical use of resources as water, chemicals and electricity
- Rapid cleaning of places diffi cult to reach such as cavities, holes etc. without provoking mechanical damage

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