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STERIS` VHP® M100 Biodecontamination Systems: Closed Loop provide a flexible, safe, environmentally friendly method for decontamination of small sealed enclosures up to 70ft3

STERIS VHP M100 Biodecontamination System utilizes Vaprox® Sterilant (EPA Reg. No. 58779-4) as a means of achieving dry, low temperature sterilization within sealed enclosures such as isolators and glove boxes.

The dry, gaseous process consists of four distinct phases:

• Dehumidification -Humidity is removed from the enclosure via an integrated desiccant system. This is done to ensure that a true, dry biodecontamination process is achieved.
• Conditioning - Vaprox is rapidly injected by the generator and converted into a dry vapor that quickly raises the level of hydrogen peroxide to an effective concentration.
• Biodecontamination - Hydrogen peroxide vapor concentrations are maintained at the target concentration level to provide an effective kill of micro-organisms in the enclosure.
• Aeration - The generator stops injecting Vaprox and accelerates the breakdown of vapor into its environmentally friendly base elements of water vapor and oxygen. Aeration continues until hydrogen peroxide is reduced to an acceptable level.

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