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RealTime PCR - LineGene K PlusBioer Technology

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LineGene K Plus is Bioer latest realtime PCR detection system.
LineGene K plus has a faster heating and cooling rate, better temperature control accuracy, temperature uniformity and the machine stability with the specially-made Peltier by Ferrotec, advanced optical fiber technology, the new wide voltage power supply, its unique block radiating patent technology and the bottom detection patent mode. It can be used with Windows Tablet PC. This new touch screen operation will bring you the ultimate experience of human-computer interaction.
The new and innovative LineGene K Plus Real-time PCR detection system can adapt to different levels of customer requirements, which can fully meets various requirements of scientific research and clinical applications.

Precise temperature control system
By adopting unique side double Ferrotec heating method, add heat transmission area, speed up heat transmission, improve the rate of temperature increase. Meanwhile, novel three-block design ensures temperature uniformity of each block controlled independently without interruption.

- Advanced thermoelectric refrigeration technology and super fast heat cycle system ensure fast and stable heating and cooling.
- Multipoint temperature control ensures better temperature uniformity for 48 sample holes.
- SOAK ensures low temperature conservation of PCR kits.
- Hot lid realizes PCR oil-free operation.
- Auto hot lid, no need for manual open/close, ensures constant pressure regarding various heights` PCR tubes.

Powerfull software system
- English interface, flexible program setting,comprehensive analysis and report function, all the parameters can be stored.
- Automation, accuracy and in-time service provided by l ong-distance network, give the most advanced technology support for 48 well quantitative detection system.
- Support Windows Tablet.
- Support connecting modes of RS232, USB, Bluetooth.

Main inter face cove rs simpl ified settings of quantification, relative quantification, SNP, HRM function, besides, more functions like, open latest file and classified template. It` s more convenient to search previous experiments and create a new experiment through classified template.

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